6th March 2018


Katie's sound comes from a place of pure exploration, of childlike play, of joy and learning. Her music sounds ancient and modern, mysterious and maddening. Her pixie-like presence reminds you of the
5th January 2018


Substereo is a four-piece multinational rock band based in Denmark and Germany. The band is heavily influenced by artists like Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Queen and David Bowie, which in turn,
4th January 2018


LEONIE MIKKIE is originally from Berlin, but fortunately spreading her music since a few years all over the globe, which gives her songs an authentic and cosmopolitan style. Her classical piano education
4th January 2018


THE PRIESTER SISTERS is a trio from Czech Republic playing swing of 30´s – 50´s in the style of the vocal trio Andrews Sisters. Natural vocal presentation, light dance moves and glamour look in combination
4th January 2018


Nathalie is not exactly what you’re expacting from an italian (from Rome) singer songwriter. Her music is complex but goes straight to the heart, it’s melancholic and intimate but groovy and rock and
4th January 2018


Alright Gandhi formed in Berlin 2014, a place where people from all across the world come to do whatever they feel and nobody minds. Rosa Gerhards (UK), Pietro Fornara (IT), Dominick Gray (US) met each
4th January 2018


Nosoyo is an indie-pop duo, reaching out to the world from Berlin, Germany. Two souls passionate about the most important things in life – music, art, travel and a dream to connect with kindred spirits