Alright Gandhi formed in Berlin 2014, a place where people from all across the world come to do whatever they feel and nobody minds. Rosa Gerhards (UK), Pietro Fornara (IT), Dominick Gray (US) met each other in the chaos of underground jam sessions to play music on wild and crowded weekdays.

The band became an intimate vehicle propelled by Rosa’s songwriting and basslines and Pietro’s guitar-painting. With Dominick Gray on drums, the sound developed into deep acoustics and unconventional rhythms played to move your hips and open your mind. Alright Gandhi exists by the same motto as its carefree environment: forget history, be original! Kalle recorded, produced and released Alright Gandhi’s first full length album ‘Little Traveller’ this April 2016, that pops, dances and surprises. The album invokes magical pop, world grooves, and positive music. In 2016 these little travellers toured through Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, UK, Poland and Italy. In one line: music that likes to experiment, not experimental music.

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